New Work Still for Sale!

The exhibition was amazing and many of my pieces have new homes! The following pieces are still for sale, as well as for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to view the whole exhibition you can find it here.

A million thanks to Jessica at Cafe Mundi and to all of the people in my life without whom I wouldn't have been able to achieve this success in my life.

Currently I do not have another exhibition lined up but I am working feverishly on many exciting new pieces which I will, of course, post on this site.

My therapist and I find this hilarious (Inspirationlessness) 26 x 20

One night, the tree came alive to swallow the girl, and the bodies wouldn't stay buried 16 x 20

Bringing forth something new OR Waking up in a cold sweat 6 x 12; 8 x 12; 6 x 12

By the sound of their Coo, it's home 14 x 13

Do not be afraid to realize you dreams 18 x 12

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