beautyofDREAMS - an exhibition of the subconcious

Come see the debut of the most talented collagist to make the stage!

Throw away your old ideas about collaging as a fine art form, and allow yourself to immerse in the vivid, scattered world of Juliet Pennay's collective subconscious. It's not to be understood but, rather, absorbed.

If there was a sound track, it might be sounds something like the calliope on a carousel: Charming with a side of the heebee jeebees.
If there was a story, it would be the secret heart of the artist herself, wrapped up in shiny paper of metaphors and symbolism.

The opening reception promises to be a regular debutant of dreams, with a side of cupcake. There might be dancing. General gaiety will abound, celebrating the coming out of an artist sure to shine in the Austin spotlight in the years to come!

Friday, October 5th, 2007
Cafe Mundi
(1704 east 5th st. Austin, TX 78702)

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