Processing Movement

I have finally taken the time to work on some projects that have gone by the wayside. The Metro Sleepers, after a year and a half, has finally come to a place where I think I can share it with some galleries and by proxy, Paris. I have over sixty images - which doesn't sound like a lot. I wanted to have hundreds, but I suppose there is something to be said for not overwhelming your audience.

I've also started playing a little bit with some of the video I've taken.

In Motion from Juliet Pennay on Vimeo.

I'm fascinated by movement. The kinds of movement that people overlook because it seems mundane. To me though, it's like the incessant ticking of a clock. It's the things that happen regardless of whether or not a human is there to make them - or sometimes in spite of it. It's way the eye can capture speed but completely un-focus from it. The way the mind detaches.

RER Flips from Juliet Pennay on Vimeo.

RER Flips Again from Juliet Pennay on Vimeo.

The first video (the water in the window) was taken my my trusty old Canon sureshot digicam (10megapixel work horse it is!) and the other two were actually taken with my camera phone. I find the ease (and pocket size) of my phone to be just the thing for these little quick bits. They seem to pic up the ambient sound a little clearer, though with the music added it doesn't really matter.

I'm not sure if they are more or less impactful with music... The jury is out.


Deidre said...

Hey Ms. Juliet - I didn't even KNOW you had another blog. Eek!

I love the first video! (and probably would love the others, but I'm running short on time this morning...)

I always find really simple things fascinating too - like that moment when the train next to you starts to move forward and you think you're moving backwards. Love it.

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Thanks you! I don't update this much, as you can tell, but hopefully I will begin to.

Come back and look at the other videos! I want your opinion because I don't know if the music adds or detracts.

There are two other ones that are from the inside of a bus (kind of like you are talking about with the train) but they are longer and I'm not sure yet how to manipulate them. I want to add some effects, I think...

Anyway thanks for stopping by!